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Welcome to Geotechnical Research Laboratory at Sunchon National University (SCNU)


As the energy demand increases, the role of geotechnical engineering in the energy sector to discover engineering solutions for current energy systems and environmental problems becomes more crucial, and to solve these critical issues requires broad knowledge and complementary approaches, including experimental, numerical and analytical methods.


When confronted with new problems, we (geotechnical engineers) have to understand “nature’s message” instead of imposing preconceptions, and then apply a combination of advanced experimental tools and analysis, and extend the range of variables using numerical techniques.


Our research team provides engineering solutions to problems caused by from classical-to emerging-geostructures. In particular, the current geotechnology is incorporated into an smart sensing systems.



We are looking for master students, PhD students, and postdoctoral research fellows who can put all efforts into solving the geotechnical problems. Please contact Dr. Song-Hun Chong without any hesitation.

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